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Pet name "Ocean"


Ocean was the only female kitten in Ella’s first litter and just had to stay a decision I have never regretted. Ocean is a laid back and uncomplicated cat who adores everyone. Sadly in 2008 Ocean developed complications late in her pregnancy and had to be spayed. Ocean therefore has retired from maternal duties a task that she adored and a sad loss to Elmarlay.

Ocean produced 11 kittens all with stunning type and temperaments who we are proud to say are Elmarlay cats. Ocean is now a rather pampered girl. Her Daughters Lunar & River will continue her breed line so all is not lost along side her grand daughters Brooke, Splash & Missy. Thank You my Beautiful Girl you were the 1st to carry the Elmarlay name but your influence will continue for future generations.

In 2009 after watching her for twelve months becoming increasingly upset and anxious with each litter of kittens born within the house I had to make one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make and that was to let Ocean go to a quieter home away from kittens & females with raging hormones. This Home came in the form of Graham & Pat who have Elmarlay Baby Girl (Amber) Oceans ½ sister, after a chance discussion Pat came forward and offered Ocean the quiet home she needed. Thank you Graham & Pat, for not only taking Ocean on but also loving her and Amber also it means a lot.