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Known as "Miya"


Miya is Ella's daughter from her last litter sired by Ch Sucette Mister Softee. Miya is a lovely Seal Point girl with such an expression that enchants you into falling for her, hence her name.

Miya has grown up to be just like her mother she has the same inquisitive nature and independence that Ella had and reminds me so much of her.

Miya has retired as of 2011 due to her developing an open pyometra. Miya was not really destined for motherhood her 1st litter in 2009 was hard work her milk was slow coming in and her kittens had to be bottle fed for a few days. She failed to produce a litter in 2010, I had hoped to try her again this year and assess whether to continue or retire her, sadly after her first call and whilst waiting for number two to start she developed Pyometra so was speyed to save her life. Miya decided that she was not happy being in a multi cat household and so has gone to a loving home with a retired couple, who she can call her own.

Miya has passed the gauntlet onto her daughter Dream who I hope will be a better breeding girl than her mother.