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Known as "Aurora"


Aurora is a beautiful Blue Tortie girl who was so loving but was extremely jealous of the other girls if they were getting more attention than her. Aurora was the 1st show cat that I purchased and was showed with some success but sadly Aurora had other ideas. Aurora show career was short as she hated the travelling to shows she would howl the moment she was put in a carrier, I made the decision to retire her from the show scene altogether.


Aurora’s breeding career was as short lived as her show career sadly, she was devoted to her babies once they were born but she struggled with birthing them on her second litter she haemorrhaged badly and it was a case of neuter her or she would have died, when the vets went in they discovered that Aurora’s pelvis was narrow and this restricted the kittens delivery. I had hoped Aurora would have resumed her show career as a neuter but she decided she didn’t like the other cats altogether and so I made the decision to re-home her, she is now a rather pampered lady in a quiet home bringing pleasure to her new owner.

Aurora’s daughter Elmarlay Heaven Sent stayed as a breeding queen so Aurora’s line shall not be lost.


Aurora’s show career a very short affair!!!

In the time she was showed she achieved,

1 x Open 1st & CC.
1x Open 2nd
1x Open 3rd

In side classes she achieved

1 x 1st Placing
3 x 3rd Placing’s

Aurora is now blissfully happy in a loving pet home after retiring from all the dramas of being a Breed/Show girl something that she was not at all happy with.